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Cosmetic Bonding

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Love Your Teeth

Cosmetic dental bonding is an affordable solution for replacing missing tooth structure or hiding minor tooth defects like chips, discoloration and small gaps. Vancouver cosmetic dentist Dr. Sonia Sahi applies a tooth-coloured composite resin to the affected area and, voilà, the resin bonds to your natural enamel to help restore your tooth’s appearance, strength and function. Even though bonding won’t last as long as a dental veneer, no drilling of your natural teeth is needed. This makes it a great choice for anyone who isn’t ready to commit to a permanent restoration.

Cosmetic Bonding

Why visit Nest for cosmetic bonding?

We have:

  • Experience performing dental bonding on patients of all ages. Thanks to Dr. Sahi’s eye for aesthetics, your bonded tooth will be indistinguishable from your other teeth.
  • High quality composite resin made of a mixture of materials that mimic the strength and translucency of a natural tooth
  • A gorgeous, soothing dental studio
  • A caring, knowledgeable dentist and team
  • A focus on safety with medical-grade HEPA filter air purifiers (surgically clean air), the highest standard of sterilization, enclosed suites and more
  • Perks like noise-cancelling headphones and TVs for a more comfortable experience
  • Transparent pricing and flexible financing

Benefits of Cosmetic Bonding

Looks Natural

Dental bonding will give you lifelike, natural-looking results. No one will be able to tell you had dental work.



While bonding might be a simple procedure, it sure is effective for hiding all sorts of minor defects and replacing missing tooth structure.


Quick and Comfortable

Treatment is quick and comfortable. We don’t need to drill your natural tooth and it can be done in a single visit.


What is dental bonding and how does it work?

Dental bonding is a simple procedure that involves using a tooth-coloured cosmetic resin to replace missing tooth structure, such as in cases of decay or chips, or to hide minor tooth defects like discoloration or small gaps.

Our Vancouver cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sahi, cleans the tooth that she’s bonding and then etches the surface with an acidic gel to open up the tooth’s pores. She rinses off the etching solution and paints on a layer of composite resin in a shade that matches your tooth. The liquid material creates a micromechanical bond as it fills the tooth’s pores. The resin is hardened with a curing light.

With the first layer cured, Dr. Sahi can paint on another layer and cure it, repeating the process until she achieves the ideal thickness. She shapes the bonding material, making it look like the rest of your teeth. Finally, she polishes it so that it blends in with your enamel.

What can cosmetic bonding fix?

We can perform cosmetic bonding to fix:

  • Missing tooth structure from minor decay or injury (i.e., chips, cracks)
  • Small gaps between the teeth
  • Discoloration
  • Short or worn teeth
  • Surface defects

Who can benefit from cosmetic dental bonding?

Cosmetic dental bonding helps to hide minor tooth imperfections or to restore missing tooth structure. We usually perform cosmetic bonding in Vancouver for patients whose tooth (or teeth) have minor injuries or imperfections and aren’t severely decayed. For a tooth that’s severely decayed and missing a large amount of structure, options like dental crowns could be preferable.

Since dental bonding doesn’t involve drilling any natural tooth structure, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who isn’t ready to commit to something permanent like dental veneers. It’s also commonly used for teenagers or younger patients who have to wait for their teeth to fully mature before considering a permanent restoration.

Does cosmetic bonding hurt?

Cosmetic bonding doesn’t hurt at all. There are no needles or drilling involved and the procedure can be done in a single visit.

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Get expert dental care for the whole family in one convenient Vancouver location. With a gorgeous space, thoughtful service and a range of tech, Nest is creating a new kind of dental experience.

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