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Crowns and Bridges

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Lifelike Restorations to Strengthen or Replace Teeth

Our Vancouver dental crowns and bridges are custom crafted just for you. Dr. Sonia Sahi uses digital scanning and computerized treatment planning to design the most lifelike, natural-looking restorations. Whether you have a decayed or damaged tooth or you need to replace missing teeth, a crown or bridge will help you chew and smile with confidence again. Bring on the crunchy foods!

Type Dental Crown

Dental Crown

A dental crown, or cap, fits over a damaged or decayed tooth (or one with cosmetic defects) to protect it and restore its strength and appearance. We typically use a crown when a significant amount of the tooth’s natural structure is missing. Because, unlike a dental veneer, which covers just the front of the tooth, a crown covers the entire visible portion of a tooth to the gumline.

Once your crown is in place, your tooth will function normally again. Dr. Sahi can even design a dental crown to improve on your tooth’s original appearance and fulfill your smile goals. Our all-porcelain crowns look just like your natural teeth. However, there are other materials to choose from, and we’ll help you decide on the best option.

Type Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a more convenient, comfortable and natural-looking way to replace a missing tooth than a removable prosthesis. A bridge typically consists of three crowns. Two crowns are placed on the teeth on either side of the space, called the abutment teeth. These crowns support the pontic, which is the middle crown that replaces the missing tooth.

If you have more than one tooth missing, Dr. Sahi can add more crowns to bridge the gap between the abutment teeth. Depending on the location of the missing teeth and the number of missing teeth, additional abutment teeth might be necessary. Dr. Sahi will help you decide on the ideal solution and then engineer and design a bridge that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Benefits of Crowns and Bridges

Beautiful and Natural

Our crowns and bridgework are custom made using high quality materials. They look and feel completely natural. No one will be able to tell you have a restoration.



With modern materials and expert craftsmanship, we ensure your crown or dental bridge can withstand daily life and last for years to come.


Restores Function

Crowns and bridgework can strengthen or replace teeth, letting you smile, chew and speak with confidence.


What can I expect when getting a dental crown?

Getting a dental crown usually takes two visits. Here’s what the procedure involves:

  • At your first visit, Fraser Street cosmetic dentist Dr. Sonia Sahi will numb the affected area with local anesthetic. We also offer sedation if you feel anxious about the procedure. Once you’re numb and/or sedated, Dr. Sahi will prep the tooth by filing it down and giving it a uniform shape. If you don’t have enough tooth structure, which can happen with severe decay, she can build the tooth up with filling material so that it can support the crown.
  • Once the tooth is prepped, a team member will take quick, comfortable digital impressions for the dental lab. Dr. Sahi uses the impressions to design a crown that matches your smile and fits your bite.
  • With your impressions complete, Dr. Sahi will attach a temporary crown. The temporary will protect your tooth until your permanent crown is ready.
  • At your next visit, Dr. Sahi will gently remove your temporary crown. She’ll attach the permanent crown and make any adjustments to give you the best possible function and aesthetics.

What happens when I get a dental bridge?

The process of getting a dental bridge usually takes two appointments. Here’s what to expect:

  • At your first appointment, Dr. Sahi will prepare the healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth (the abutment teeth). She’ll numb the area with local anesthetic. You can also choose sedation to help you relax. She’ll then shape and file the abutment teeth so that the crowns will fit.
  • After prepping the abutment teeth, a team member will take digital impressions, so a custom dental bridge can be created that fits, looks and functions just like your natural teeth.
  • We’ll wrap up your first visit by placing a temporary bridge. The temporary bridge will protect the abutment teeth and fill in the gap in your smile.
  • At your next visit, Dr. Sahi will remove your temporary bridge. This doesn’t hurt, but if you have any sensitivity, she can administer a local anesthetic before removing the bridge. She’ll clean your teeth and place the bridge. We’ll take digital x-rays to make sure your restoration fits properly. Then, Dr. Sahi will cement the bridge in place and make any adjustments for optimal comfort and aesthetics.

Why would I need a dental crown?

A dental crown can be used to restore a tooth’s function, strength and appearance when a large amount of its natural structure is missing. It might be needed:

  • To protect a weak tooth from breaking.
  • To restore a tooth that’s already broken or hold together the parts of a cracked or fractured tooth.
  • To restore a tooth that’s been severely worn down.
  • To cover a tooth with severe decay or a large filling when there isn’t a lot of natural structure left.
  • To protect a tooth following root canal treatment.
  • To attach to a dental implant.
  • To cover a severely misshapen or discolored tooth.
  • To make cosmetic changes, such as altering the size of a tooth to close a gap.

Why should I get a dental bridge?

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth, or teeth. It offers a more comfortable alternative to a removable prosthesis for those who don’t want a dental implant. Replacing a missing tooth with a bridge is beneficial because it prevents the remaining teeth from shifting into the gap left behind by a missing tooth. This shifting can cause problems with your bite, jaw issues and make you more susceptible to tooth decay and periodontal disease. A dental bridge can help safeguard the integrity of your existing teeth and allow you to chew and smile with confidence.

Why should I choose Nest for my dental crown or bridgework?

  • Our Vancouver cosmetic dentist, Dr. Sonia Sahi, is experienced in designing lifelike, durable dental crowns and bridges.
  • We use high quality materials and digital treatment planning to create custom restorations that offer the best function and aesthetics.
  • Our gorgeous studio is clean, modern and soothing.
  • We offer safe sedation dentistry to give you an anxiety-free experience.
  • The Nest team is knowledgeable, caring and compassionate.
  • We prioritize safety and have air purification systems, medical-grade sterilization, enclosed operatories and negative pressure isolation.
  • You’ll find perks like noise-cancelling headphones and a TV in your suite, so you can kick back and relax while we take care of your smile.
  • Nest offers affordable dental crowns and bridges. With transparent pricing, most insurances accepted and flexible financing, we’ll make treatment work for your budget.
A Modern Take on Oral Health

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