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Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Dr. Sonia Sahi and her team offer full mouth reconstruction in Vancouver. Also called full mouth rehabilitation, full mouth reconstruction isn’t a single procedure. Instead, it involves a variety of restorative and cosmetic treatments aimed at rebuilding or replacing all of the teeth in your mouth. When you visit for a consultation, Dr. Sahi will examine you and take any necessary diagnostic records. She’ll then provide you with personalized treatment recommendations to optimize the appearance, health and function of your smile in the least invasive way possible. Equal parts artistry, technology and dental expertise, full mouth rehabilitation can give you life-changing results.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Why choose Nest Dental for full mouth reconstruction?

We have:

  • Experience in full mouth reconstruction and a wide range of cosmetic and restorative procedures, including crowns and bridgework, veneers, dental implants, tooth-coloured fillings, TMD treatment and orthodontics
  • A personalized approach with treatment plans tailored to your unique needs and goals
  • High quality care and materials to ensure your new smile looks natural and functions at its best
  • Dental tech, including digital scanning (no messy impressions!) and virtual treatment planning, for a better experience and outcome
  • A gorgeous, soothing dental studio
  • A compassionate, knowledgeable dentist and team
  • A focus on safety with medical-grade HEPA filter air purifiers (surgically clean air), the highest standard of sterilization, enclosed operatories and more
  • Perks like Bose headphones and a TV in your suite
  • Transparent pricing and flexible financing

What is full mouth reconstruction?

As we said above, full mouth reconstruction isn’t a single procedure. Instead, it’s a variety of restorative and cosmetic treatments aimed at replacing or rebuilding all of the teeth in your mouth. The specific procedures you’ll need will depend on your individual situation and goals. While full mouth rehabilitation will give you a stunning smile, it’s also meant to restore your oral health and allow you to chew and speak properly.

Treatment could include a combination of the following:

Who is a candidate for full mouth reconstruction?

Full mouth reconstruction is meant for patients who have a number of dental problems throughout their mouth and require a comprehensive approach. Patients might have issues like missing teeth, severe damage from excessive grinding (bruxism), multiple teeth with large fillings that are failing, decayed teeth and/or cracked or broken teeth. When that’s the case, full mouth reconstruction could be the answer. When you visit Nest for full mouth rehabilitation in Vancouver, Dr. Sahi will examine you and then create a personalized treatment plan based on your unique needs.

How much does Vancouver full mouth reconstruction cost?

The cost of full mouth reconstruction varies depending on the severity of your case and the procedures you need. Dr. Sahi can work with you to decide on the treatments that best fit your budget and even stage your treatment by completing the procedures over a period of time.

At Nest Dental, we pride ourselves on offering high quality, affordable dental care. We also firmly believe in transparent pricing and will let you know upfront how much your treatment will cost. We accept most insurance plans and also offer flexible financing options.

A Modern Take on Oral Health

Get expert dental care for the whole family in one convenient Vancouver location. With a gorgeous space, thoughtful service and a range of tech, Nest is creating a new kind of dental experience.

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