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Oh no, you’ve got a chipped tooth! Maybe you bit into something hard, you were hit in the mouth, had a bad fall, or severe tooth decay has weakened your tooth’s structure.

Whatever the cause, it’s important to know that a chipped or broken tooth can turn into a dental emergency. So how can you tell when it’s time to call Nest Dental, your Vancouver emergency dentist? What is considered a dental emergency? 

Here, five signs that indicate you should make an appointment to see us right away.

1. Intense Pain

A chipped or broken tooth can result in pain that ranges from “I can barely feel it” to severe pain. Any pain, but especially intense pain, is cause for prompt attention from your dentist — pain can be a sign that the damage has reached your tooth’s nerves or exposed sensitive interior areas. As a general dentist who offers emergency dentistry in Vancouver, I’m equipped to quickly diagnose the source of your pain, alleviate discomfort, and provide solutions to restore your tooth and prevent further damage.

2. Difficulty Eating or Speaking

Has your chipped tooth made it challenging to enjoy a meal or engage in conversation comfortably? A jagged edge or a rough surface from a chipped or broken tooth can irritate your gums or tongue, making it difficult to chew or articulate your words as usual.

It’s also possible that a chipped tooth or one that’s cracked in half has no pain but ends up affecting oral functions like eating or speaking. Reach out to your high-tech Fraser Street emergency dentist; our goal is to restore the health, functioning, and aesthetics of your damaged teeth.

3. Swelling or Bleeding

A chipped tooth can cause swelling or bleeding in your mouth. Swelling can indicate an infection or abscess, which in turn can lead to serious complications if left untreated. Bleeding could be from soft oral tissues around the tooth or from the tooth itself. The latter could be a sign that the inside of your tooth — the pulp chamber — is bleeding and exposed. If this is the case, bacteria can get into your tooth and cause infection. 

4. Sharp Edges or Sensitivity

Rough edges from a chipped tooth can cause pain or discomfort. And if you’re experiencing increased sensitivity to hot or cold foods and drinks? Sensitivity is a sign that the damage to your tooth has exposed the underlying nerves. 

5. Visible Damage to the Tooth

Whether you chipped a tooth, your tooth broke, or it looks cracked or fractured, visible damage suggests a compromise to your tooth’s structural integrity. As a result, your tooth can become more susceptible to further damage or infection. Prompt dental intervention from your Vancouver emergency dentist can help save your tooth and prevent long-term consequences.

Can a Chipped or Broken Tooth Be Fixed?

When you come into Nest Dental for emergency dentistry, I’ll examine your tooth and gums and determine the extent of the damage. We’ll talk about the best treatment options for you: whether we smooth the edges from a minor chip, or restore a more damaged tooth to full function and appearance with treatments like cosmetic bonding or a crown

Understandably, you might feel a little anxious about coming in for emergency dental care. We get it and we’ve got you. Nest Dental is designed as a safe, cozy space to help you feel at ease. Plus, we offer safe sedation dentistry so you can feel even more comfortable and relaxed.

Your Go-To Emergency Dentist for A Chipped or Damaged Tooth

My skilled team and I are here as your emergency Vancouver dentist to help you resolve your chipped or broken tooth asap. Hurt your tooth after-hours? We’re on it. Leave a message and a team member will reach out shortly. Get in touch!

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