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My name is Dr. Sonia Sahi and I’m a general dentist in Vancouver and the founder of Nest Dental. I’m passionate about dentistry, but I know that a lot of people aren’t as enthused about the idea as I am. Maybe they had a bad experience at the dentist when they were younger, they get anxious in a clinical-feeling environment or they haven’t had a check-up in a long time and are afraid of being judged. 

I get it! However, you can’t avoid going to the dentist without sacrificing quality of life. Keeping up with routine dental exams and cleanings helps to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. It also gives you the opportunity to receive personalized recommendations and have problems diagnosed early on when they’re easier and more affordable to treat. 

That said, it’s hard to commit to your oral health when the thought of walking into a dental office fills you with dread or visits feel like another inconvenient obligation on a long to-do list. 

I’ve always known there had to be a better way. Why can’t visiting the dentist feel like an act of self-care? Wouldn’t more people have healthy smiles if they loved going in for a cleaning or exam? I think so. So, when I decided to fulfil my dream of opening my own practice in the same neighbourhood where I grew up, I wanted to focus on reinventing the entire dental experience. And, well, Nest Dental was born.  

At my Fraser Street dental clinic, we’re doing dentistry differently. Here’s how:

Cozy Vibes 

My newly renovated Vancouver dental studio was custom designed to feel like a cozy nest, a retreat, a home away from home. Every aspect was created with patient comfort in mind. I didn’t want it to be a typical cold, sterile office. 

Instead, the space is modern, gorgeous and soothing, and while we have plenty of dental technology and tools, it doesn’t feel like you’re at the dentist. When you walk into your nest, you’ll be at ease and able to relax. 

Comprehensive Dental Care in One Location

Of course, it doesn’t matter how amazing an office looks if you’re not able to get the dental services you need. As a Fraser Street family dentist, I have you covered. My team and I offer comprehensive, full-service dentistry for the whole family.

At Nest, we deliver expert general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, sedation dentistry, oral surgery and Invisalign® in a single location. We treat patients of all ages. There’s no need to juggle multiple dentists for every dental need and member of the family. We can be your dental home, making it easier to attend those routine visits that are essential to maintaining lifelong oral health. 

Visits are Like a Spa Day for Your Smile

When you come to our boutique practice for your appointment, you’ll have a seat in the relaxing reception area. With on-time visits, you won’t have to wait long before a team member leads you back to your private treatment suite (that’s right, we have floor-to-ceiling enclosed rooms).

Your room will be set up to play your favourite Netflix show, podcast or music. We’ll give you a pair of Bose wireless headphones so you can sink into your chair and unwind with whatever entertainment option you choose. While you enjoy a well-deserved escape, my team and I will take care of your oral health. 

Visiting for a procedure you’re anxious about? No problem! At Nest, we offer safe sedation dentistry in Vancouver to help you get necessary dental care without the anxiety. I’ll chat with you about your health history and needs and, together, we can decide on the best option for you. 

All Smiles Welcome

The entire Nest Dental team is compassionate, caring and friendly. We don’t judge and we never pressure you into treatment. Whether you’re an oral health aficionado or a forgetful flosser, I’ll meet you where you’re at. I believe in an educational approach, and I’ll provide you with all of the information you need to empower you to make confident decisions about your care. 

Prioritizing Safety

While COVID-19 really highlighted the importance of infection control, as a Vancouver dentist, that has always been a big part of treating patients. That’s why when designing the Nest Dental office, I made sure it had the highest standards of air quality, making visits a breath of fresh air, literally. 

In order to maintain the safest possible environment for you, your family and my team, our practice:

  • Exceeds all guidelines for sterilization, disinfection and infection control
  • Has enclosed operatories (floor to ceiling) 
  • Utilizes negative pressure isolation
  • Is outfitted with medical-grade HEPA air purifiers – surgically clean air
  • Uses enhanced PPE measures

Technology to Help Your Family Get A+ Oral Health

Certain dental procedures can be a little bit uncomfortable (ahem, putty impressions). And, if you’re diagnosed with an issue, you might feel like you just have to take your dentist’s word for it. Not at Nest Dental. I want every patient to feel like they’re playing an active role in their own dental health and care. I also want every visit to be comfortable and pleasant. 

That’s where our dental technology comes in. We have imaging solutions, including CBCT imaging and digital x-rays, that let us see your dental and facial structures from every angle. 

We’re also one of the few Riley Park-Little Mountain or Mount Pleasant dentist offices with an iTero Element® Digital Scanner. Instead of messy, gloopy impressions, iTero lets us take quick digital scans of your teeth that are then translated into a 3D virtual model of your mouth. Using the model, I’m able to design custom appliances, restorations and more. 

With our intra-oral camera and treatment planning software, I can show you exactly what I’m seeing in real-time. If you need a filling, I’ll show you the decay. Missing a spot when you brush and floss? Yup, you’ll be able to see that too. If you’re unsure of how a procedure will work, we can take a look. If you’re getting Invisalign, I can give you a glimpse into what your smile will look like when you finish treatment. 

A Focus on Convenience

Being the modern practice we are, Nest is all about convenience. We have flexible scheduling and minimal wait times. Our full-service practice also uses digital technology and tools for more efficient visits and care. From the time you schedule your very first appointment, we’ll make things easy breezy for you. 

Transparent Pricing

Nest is independently, locally owned (by me!). We’re not a big, corporate Vancouver dentist paying our team by the number of procedures they complete. This means, you’ll only get the care you really need and I can practice dentistry the way that I want. 

Transparent pricing is our thing. My team and I will let you know the out-of-pocket cost of any treatment or visit upfront, so there are no surprises. And, in an effort to make our dentistry affordable, we accept most dental insurance plans and offer in-office, no-interest financing options. 

Are You Ready for a New Kind of Dental Experience?

Looking for a dentist accepting patients in Vancouver? Well, hey there. Nest Dental will be opening its doors soon and I can’t wait to meet you and your family. Register now to become a patient and see how we’re reinventing the dental experience for yourself.

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